Quarterfall is the right tool for your institute if you want to help your students learn better.

High-quality assignments

Create quality assignments

  • Write assignments and study material, including images, videos, and beautifully rendered programming code and mathematics.
  • Our full-fledged Markdown editor lets you focus on the content while we make sure it looks great on any device.
  • Various question types such as multiple choice questions, open questions, and programming questions.
Organize your course

Take control of your course

  • Group assignments into modules and modules into courses.
  • Give modules and courses start and end dates.
  • Drag and drop modules and assignments to organize your course.
  • Copy modules and assignments between courses, and merge content effortlessly.

Automatic feedback

  • Add solutions for your assignments that students can inspect once they submitted their answer.
  • Give students feedback automatically tailored to the answers they provided.
  • Use our built-in feedback generation actions, or program your own in JavaScript.
  • Webhook support to generate feedback or detect plagiarism using your own server.

Programming language support

  • Create programming assignments in many different languages.
  • Syntax highlighting for all major programming languages used in education.
  • Define automatic unit tests for students to check their answers.
  • Securely run custom code in the cloud without needing any infrastructure.
Student assessment

Assess your students

  • View detailed information about your students' submissions.
  • Write comments to your students using Markdown.
  • Gamify your students' experience by handing out stickers and giving ratings.
  • Search, filter, and manage student submissions using an intuitive interface.

Measure and improve

  • Keep track of the progress and involvement of students.
  • Analyze and visualize your students' performance.
  • Obtain reviews from students to improve your content.
  • Gain insight into the time spent on assignments and the results your students obtained.

Share and collaborate

  • Work with multiple teachers and teaching assistants on courses.
  • Let other teachers and institutes use your assignments and courses.
  • Use the courses from our library and adapt them to your needs to save time.
Dark mode versus light mode

Your colors and branding

  • Brand all pages with the colors and logo of your organization.
  • Choose between light and dark mode to adapt the interface to your needs.

Get up and running fast

  • Quarterfall runs in the cloud. You'll be ready to go in less than a minute.
  • We use modern cloud technology to create a safe and secure environment for you and your students.
  • Your data belongs to you.