Smart learning tools for ICT education

Automated learning tools help students reach better results and can save teachers considerable time. Formative assessment uses assignments to support the learning process of students, and is very effective. Feedback is an essential ingredient of formative assessment, but is time-consuming for teachers.

Quarterfall offers a smart learning solution that automatically assesses students’ work and provides feedback, computes learning analytics for teachers and students, and adapts to the students’ learning profile and progress, with a focus on formative assessment in ICT and the sciences.

At the core of Quarterfall are smart assignments. A smart assignment integrates various forms of content and exercises, knows about learning concepts and goals, and automatically assesses the answers of the students and provides relevant feedback. Smart assignments can be grouped into smart modules and courses that monitor students’ progress, report on how the students perform, provide learning analytics, and adapt based on the learning profile of the student.

Assignment editor

Create high-quality interactive learning content, including formulas, formatted programming code, images, and videos. Integrate the content with various types of smart assignments.

Modules and courses

Group content and assignments into smart modules and group the modules into smart courses. Follow the progress of your students. Share and reuse modules and courses.

Automatic feedback

Use our extensive system to define automatic feedback for students based on their answers. Get suggestions for interventions when students don't perform well.


Assess the work of your students. Quarterfall supports automatic assessment, assessment by teachers or peers, and self-assessment by the students.


Allow students to enter formatted program code in various languages. Set up automatic unit tests to verify the results.

Assignment database

Choose from an ever growing database of assignments, or create your own.

Learning analytics

Relate the work of students to learning goals and concepts and analyze and visualize their performance and development.

Adapting to the student

Create the optimal learning experience by making assignments dependent on the progress and learning profile of each student.

Stand-alone or in an LMS

Use Quarterfall as a stand-alone tool, or directly integrate the assignments, modules, and courses with the Learning Management System that your organisation uses.

Product overview

About us

Quarterfall was created by computer science teachers for computer science teachers. Arjan Egges and Mark Overmars, the founders of Quarterfall, both have an extensive background in and a passion for higher education. Arjan worked for many years as an Associate Professor in Computer Science at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. He is the author of a number of textbooks on programming in such languages as C# and JavaScript. Mark was a Full Professor in Computer Science at the same university. He set up curricula in medical computer science and game development and wrote various textbooks on computational geometry and game development. Arjan and Mark have extensive experience as entrepreneurs and have created successful software products in the past.

Beta program

A beta version of Quarterfall is now available. You can register for the beta program by filling out the form below or by sending an email to [email protected]. Beta program participants will gain access to the full feature set of the Quarterfall platform, and will receive a discount once the product moves out of the beta phase.